About x-colours...

I can not guarantee that my cats are not carriers of any x-colour genes, as there are cats far back in the pedigrees of some of the cats that might be carriers, and there are novice cats that nobody can say anything about. So how could I, or anybody else, give guarantees? However, I have no intention of breeding the x-colours and will make no effort to produce kittens of any x-colours.

Do I support the colours? Let me put it like this: if it can be proved that the x-colours carry along with them genes that are negative for the well-being of the cats, of course I wouldnīt support them. But the x-colours themselves could hardly make the cats less qualified to survive the Scandinavian climate. And isnīt that what itīs all about? Isnīt that the question that we always have to make, just like the anthropologists:
In what way can this benefit the survival of the breed/tribe or in what way can it be harmful?

Copied from S*Älvdansens Cattery with the permission of Annika Larsson