My name is Katarina Karlsson and I live in Kuleryd, a small place 23 km north of Karlskrona in the south of Sweden. I’ve always loved cats and, on and off in life, I’ve been lucky enough to have cats in our home. I’ve learned not to take it for granted though. My younger brother had asthma and problems being close to most animals when he was younger. Never the less we did have a couple of cats. Sotis lived with us before my brother was born (she died in a fire quite young) and later on Micki who lived to be 17 years old - a very special gentleman.

I bought my first Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) in 1987 when I moved to my own apartment. His name was Vildrikets Zac Minizon and he soon got a friend - Bobadillas Beatrice. The reason I chose this breed was that I wanted to have a cat similar to the cats I was used to see. I had decided earlier that it had to be a pure-breed as I thought it would be difficult to get a kitten, brought up used to being outdoors, to live in an apartment in town. A Persian or a Siamese was NOT something that looked like a normal cat to me, so the choice was not so difficult - it had to be a NFC. Today I have 6 cats of the same breed living with me, 1 neutered male and 5 females, one of which is still a kitten. I must say I have never regretted my choice. To be honest, I consider myself lucky to have found the right breed for me from the very beginning.

Chacolís, is the name that kittens born in my cattery carry with them. The first litter was born in 1988 and that’s how it all started, quite by accident to be honest. It’s a small scale cattery with only 1-2 litters per year. To me it’s very important to have the time needed to give all the cats and kittens the love, care and attention they rightfully deserve. To see the kittens grow and develop is pure joy and it’s very interesting to see if a combination turns out as you expected it to when you chose the male to match your female.

A NFC in full coat is a stunning sight and cats with a good coat quality is essential to make a good NFC. That, a good size and the wild look, but yet so gentle temper is something I value highly in my breeding. When the kittens turns out even better than the parents I’ve achieved my goal. I aim to breed kittens growing up to have the expressive look we all love in the NFC and, most importantly, the straight forward, cuddly and curious way of a dearly loved family member.

If I’ve made you interested in a kitten from Chacolís or if you want to chat more about this lovely breed - please contact me.

Chacolís Unniva with one of her litters

Made by Katarina Karlsson
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