Faran and Fulrach, 7 week old

The Z-litter (oh, well..) is born!


born 2007-02-09


GC Chacolís Faran - n 09 22 (brownblotchedtabby-white) S*Tigressan's Tharlie - n 09 24 (brownspotted-white)

Only one kitten in this litter. We waited and waited, but there was only this one, beautiful boy. Let me introduce you to




13 weeks old


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Reserved = Someone has shown an interest
Booked = Someone has decided on this kitten, but he/she is not paid for in full yet
Sold = This kitten is sold


If you are interested in a Norwegian Forestcat kitten from Chacolís
feel free to give me a call or send me an

All kittens from Chacolís are when they leave home at 12 - 14 weeks
  • registered
  • vaccinated
  • dewormed
  • microchipped

You will also get a Veterinary Health Certificate, no older than 1 week, for your new kitten.

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